EU committed to support SEFOPE in Professional Training Area

Lafaek News-European Union (EU) Ambassador to Timor-Leste Andrem Jacobs met with Secretary of state for Professional Training and Employment policy to discuss about creating a decent cooperation in professional training area in order to enhance the proven ability of Timorese people.

“In today’s meeting we talked about the opportunity in which, EU and East Timor Government be able to stand together and work hand and hand in terms of professional training,” said EU ambassador to Timor-Leste Mr. Andrem Jacobs at the SEFOPE hall kaikoli, Monday, (18/01/2021)

Ambassador added, in this occasion, they will be working with Timor-Leste government and will be focus on professional training in economic sector.

According to Secretary of state for professional training and employment (SEFOPE) Mr. Alarico do Rosario, the professional training program has been established and it has become the reason way EU ambassador to Timor-Leste want to visit directly and willing to help.

“In this visit, we presented the entire training center in Timor-Leste and strategic plan that has been set. We also, explained the training policy. EU is ready to help Timor-Leste in professional training activity,” he said.

SEFOPE is dedicated to cooperate with ambassador of European Union (EU) in any area particularly in training center area.

“The training centers that currently open in Timor-Leste are, Senai Becora Center and Tibar. We also let them know the financial need of these training centers so that in near future they can help us,” he said.

Journalist           : Etelvina Sarmento
Assistant Editor : Pedro de Almeida


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