Vice Minister of the Interior accused of Nepotism

Lafaek News –Timor-Leste’s watchdog on National Security, Fundasaun Mahein, today accused the Vice Minister of the Interior, Antonio Armindo, of continuing to make political interventions in the security sector outside the limits of his legal authority.

The accusations were made during a press conference in Dili today concerning the planned nominations for new Migration Attachés to replace those currently serving at Consulates in Portugal, Singapore, Darwin, Bali, Kupang and Atambua.

“All the nominees have very little experience or knowledge about the Migration Service, and the person chosen for the Bali Consulate had already committed a crime, was given a disciplinary sanction and later moved from the Migration Service but despite this he has been nominated as a replacement Attaché,” said The acting Director of Fundasaun Mahein, João Almeida

He said that in regard to Portugal, the nominee, from PNTL Headquarters, had no qualifications relating to Migration, adding that the same applied to the persons earmarked for Darwin and Singapore,

João also noted that for the Atambua post, Vice Minister Antonio Armindo had selected a civilian affiliated the political party KHUNTO and he raised concern that the nomination was a result of connection and loyalty to the Party.

Fundasaun Mahein said Minister Armindo’s action showed that he continues to make political interventions in the Security Sector and take action outside his legal authority by nominating people for positions, not based on knowledge or merit, but rather based on personal and party relationships and interests.

The organization said that this sort of action would not help to develop professionalism in the Migration Service, which plays a key role in Timor Leste’s National Security System.

It recommends that the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister pay serious attention to this issue and consider overriding the Vice Minister’s nominations and instead, select suitable candidates with sufficient experience, training and knowledge in the Migration Service to become foreign Attaches.

However, Vice Minister Antonio Armindo later refuted the allegations to Lafaek News, saying the Prime Minister had already approved the nominations and that Fundasaun Mahein did not have their facts correct and made no sense at all.

He stressed that the proposed candidates were suggested by the General Director of the Interior, and approved by Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak, who told Antonio Armindo today not to listen or react to the comments from Fundasaun Mahein.


Jornalista    : Manuel Andrade

Editor         : Felisberto Fernandes


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